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Perhaps this article dedicated to the figure of the ghostwriter at first glance may seem strange to you.

In fact, in this blog I speak from years of creative writing, I dispose tips to write their own texts, I suggest exercises to improve their writing. So what does the ghostwriter have to do with it?

It comes in, because I am first and foremost a ghostwriter and I know how much a good ghostwriter can do for you and the idea of ​​a book you have in mind.

And then this journey into the world of writing would not be complete if we did not even speak of those who write by profession, in the light of the sun or behind the scenes.

Writing And Writing Well Are Two Very Different Things

Everyone knows how to write, it’s true. But it is equally true that not everyone knows how to write well.

Perhaps you are a good speaker, you are convincing and self-confident in front of an audience, but if they ask you to write down what you say, fill out the page with spelling errors and syntax.

Perhaps you are a bonsai expert and have thought over and over again of writing a manual to teach others how to cure these plants, but in practice a confusing and boring list of precepts came out.

Perhaps, again, you have in mind an exciting and compelling story, because you designed it or because it is the story of your life and friends and relatives have been telling you for a long time that you should write it, but you don’t know where to start.

So how do you do it?

You could learn to write!

Of course, we can. But to do this you should enroll in a creative writing course, brush up on the grammar book, read, read a lot, and then practice, write, write, write, and find someone who reads what you write and corrects your mistakes.

The rest is exactly what I have been repeating for some time in the pages of this blog: learning to write is possible, but it takes time and passion.

Or, more simply, you can rely on a pen expert, a commissioned writer who writes for you without telling anyone, guaranteeing you a quality result and compliance with the agreed deadlines.

In short, a professional.

Who Is The Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter, or ghost writer, is an author who writes texts on commission, but remains in the shadows.

The ghostwriter, in fact, based on the ideas and requests of the client, writes original and unpublished texts without signing them, since the authorship and all rights to the texts produced are of the client who requested them.

The customer is therefore the only owner of the copyright of the commissioned work.

Ghostwriting, because of its “phantom” role, renounces any right, present and future, on all the material it produces.

Why Contact A Ghostwriter

Sometimes, therefore, it is worthwhile to turn to a ghostwriter, because writing is a specific task, because one’s limits are admitted, or simply because there is need for an impeccable text, written quickly.

Because you might have the most original ideas, but these might not be taken into consideration unless you expose them in the right way. Or because, despite having a fair command of the Italian language and its rules, you simply don’t have time to write a good text.

Writing in fact takes time and if you are not among those who do it by profession you risk blocking yourself for hours in front of a blank page.

In Italy there is still a bit of mistrust to talk about ghostwriting, as if we were ashamed of not knowing (or being able) to write the texts we need by ourselves.

But I don’t think there is any shame, because writing (and doing it well!) Is a precise technical skill, which not everyone has.

Yet no one would be surprised if you called a plumber to fix the leaking kitchen pipe, or if I went to a lawyer to settle a legal matter.

With the same logic it is correct, and even desirable, to turn to writing professionals to commission the drafting or correction of their own texts.

Because, whether you admit it or not, the form has its weight and we are all judged by how we express ourselves much more often than we would like to admit.

Why not just write: you also need to know how to write well!

Most politicians or public figures turn to ghostwriters for writing speeches and press releases and even the best authors often use ghostwriters.

Why shouldn’t you do it too?

What Features Must Have A Bravo Ghostwriter

A good ghostwriter must first have a great passion. Passion for writing, of course, but also a passion for “acting”, because in the end the ghost writer is like an actor who plays a new role every time. The ghostwriter in fact, in order to write a text for you, must enter your world, into your ideas, into your style and must make them your own: you must dress up your clothes and use your voice, so that the text, even if done by him , you seem made by you.

A good ghostwriter must be creative and original in order to produce new texts every time. Unfortunately, even in this sector there are the smart ones, who think they can improvise ghostwriters simply by copying the texts of others here and there: the result is an improbable collage of pieces without coherence, without stylistic uniformity.

Finally, last but not least, a good ghostwriter must be able to write well. It may seem trivial, but in my opinion it is not superfluous to repeat it: a ghost writer must be able to write fluid and fluent texts, stylistically suitable for the purpose for which they are required and free of spelling, grammatical and syntactical errors.

When to Contact A Ghostwriter

You can contact a ghostwriter at any time when you feel that you cannot, for whatever reason, write the text you want.

In my career as a ghostwriter, more than twenty years ago, people of all kinds have turned to me: professionals who needed an impeccable text for their company, trainers who wanted to explain their subject in a manual, ordinary people who wanted to tell own life or make the novel they had in mind for years.

People generally look for a ghostwriter to give them the writing of a text from scratch, starting only from their ideas or their requests.

But it can happen that you have already begun to write a text and that you are stuck for lack of time, or because the result you have achieved so far does not satisfy you, or, again, because you find that writing is really too much of a commitment for you .

If you have thought or tried to write a novel, you have discovered that it is not enough to have a good idea, a compelling storyline or a lot of imagination. We also need linguistic and narrative skills, adequate preparation and time available.

If you have thought or tried to write an autobiography, you have discovered that it is not enough to tell your life in chronological order, with all the events that filled it. It is important to know how to find the right words to give life to your thoughts, express the emotions you have lived and communicate them to others.

If you have thought or tried to write an essay, for example, you have discovered that having a precise position on the topic to be treated is not enough. We also need to know how to expose our texts clearly and be convincing in our arguments.

Finally, if you thought or tried to write a manual, you discovered that knowing things doesn’t mean knowing how to explain them. You need to know the topic you want to deal with, but you also need to know how to explain it clearly to those who don’t know, without skipping or reversing the logical steps and using technical language without being boring.

In any case, whether you need a new text, whether you want to take up the hand of writing and complete a draft, don’t abandon the idea of ​​writing your book just because you don’t feel able to do it.

Your book deserves to be written, and if you can’t do it alone, you can get help from a ghostwriter.

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Learn To Write From The Work Of The Ghostwriter

So if the idea of ​​a book has been on your mind for a long time, know that you can help yourself to achieve it.

Look for a good ghostwriter and give him the job of writing the book for you.

If you think this means giving up and declaring the failure of your dream of becoming a writer, know that this is not the case.

It has often happened to me in recent years that people have turned to me as a ghostwriter, they have entrusted me with the task of writing a book for them, but then, precisely from my work, they have found the courage to write their own texts afterwards .

In fact, sometimes you can’t write your book just because you don’t know how to do it.

Instead, seeing your ghostwriter at work, you can “study” how the plot sets up, how it organizes content, how it builds characters, how it sets and alternates scenes, how it chooses and calibrates words. Above all, you can learn how to transfer your thoughts to the page, because in the end the ghostwriter does just that: listen to your ideas, organize them and translate them into smooth, flowing words.

When I complete a work of ghostwriting and the client tells me: “It was exactly what I wanted to say!”, I am fully satisfied, because my job is to dress the client’s thoughts with the right words.

On the other hand, the client, in a reverse process, seeing his ideas finally translated into words, just as he wanted them, learns how to do it, discovers that the tangled skein of ideas he had in mind was unraveled and the path was there. has now under his eyes, black on white.

Following step by step the work of your ghostwriter and analyzing the texts he writes for you, therefore also means learning to organize your ideas and write them down. So next time you can try to do it yourself.

How to Choose the Right Ghostwriter

Finally, after all these indications, if you have decided to entrust the writing of your book to a ghostwriter and you are looking for a ghost writer, the advice I can give you is to contact more than one of them, expose your project and talk with each of them.

It is important in fact that you feel comfortable with the ghostwriter you choose, because you will have to tell him the contents of your book, and often this also means telling him much about yourself.

The bond that is established with a ghostwriter, especially for the drafting of long texts, is a very close bond, sometimes intimate, and it is not possible to be able to forge a bond of this kind with anyone.

Your ghostwriter must be passionate, creative and competent, of course, but above all he must adapt to you, to your way of thinking and expressing yourself.

So if you are looking for a ghost writer to entrust with the writing of your book, know that I have created the team of professional ghostwriters precisely for this purpose.

We write for you any kind of book and, if you want, we can also help you to paginate it and publish it online.

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